Over the years I’ve worked with Dr. Reeves, my initial impressions of his character and abilities have not only been confirmed, but elevated. He routinely proves his dedication not only to the profession of education, but also to each of his students themselves; there has never been an opportunity to discuss or act upon an instructional initiative or educational policy when Keith did not centre the conversation on how students would be impacted. Keith is a fierce advocate for student wellbeing and will always defend their right to a caring and developmentally appropriate education. He is unwavering and laser-focused on holistic instruction for his students; while many educators and leaders say students are at the centre of everything they do, Keith lives and breathes this creed as his moral imperative. I can always rely on Keith to be the student-centered compass for any conversation, and he has become one of my greatest role models as a result. Keith’s skill and deep understanding in educational leadership are unsurpassed, and he is the only person I know who could take over for a school and immediately steer the ship without issue. … His pedagogical acumen is immediately evident, and I have rarely encountered another educator with the breadth of knowledge and finesse Keith possesses for instructional design and authentic, research-based assessment. Keith is a forthright and articulate communicator, honest and true to his values, and deeply empathetic to the needs and wellbeing of those he serves. He makes no decision lightly and has the rare ability to see the short-term and long-term ramifications of any choice with unparalleled clarity and foresight. I truly believe there is nothing Dr. Reeves could not do to make the field of education better for students and staff alike. He is exactly the kind of educational leader I would hope to work for, and any school district who hires him will be better for it. ( excerpt)