Dr. Reeves’s specialty—and I’d argue his destiny—is as an agent of school transformation. He’s published about it. He’s practiced it. He’s led it. When a school is in need of urgent positive change, Keith is the person to lead it. I’ve witnessed his decision making process and priorities firsthand. Not a single decision is made or action taken that isn’t driven, first and foremost, by the best interests of the school community. When asked for an expert opinion Keith has the experience and vantage point of nearly every angle—a teacher’s, a counselor’s, a classified employee’s, a safety officer’s, a technologist’s, and a leader’s. Alongside the professional, there’s an extraordinarily generous and warm human being. I’ve witnessed the breadth and depth of Keith’s constant relationship building with staff, students, families, and the community. He is firmly planted in the community where he serves and leads. His investment in people makes them quick to offer Keith their trust, and he upholds that trust in earnest. Transformational school leadership requires the authentic buy-in of its constituent parts, and I see Keith win over those hearts and minds every day.