Privacy Policy

Short Version

My website doesn’t track you, in any way, at all, ever. Period. You can use any privacy analysis tool you want to confirm that this is true.

My website will only look at your IP address if you attempt to log in to it, and since only a hacker would try to do that, those people deserve to have their IP addresses identified and blocked. If you don’t try to log in, no data about your visit is recorded.

Safety & Certification Tools

Detailed Version

C is for Cookie, but that’s not good enough for you: You deserve answers, and I’m happy to provide them. Transparency rocks. This WordPress site, like the vast majority of WordPress sites, is designed to use cookies, but not trackers. The basic cookie WordPress uses just helps make the site work the way it’s supposed to, like remembering if you just clicked a menu or something like that.

The website only stores data for one session: the current view of this website. Once you close the tab, that data is destroyed forever. No data is transferred to the server upon which KDReeves exists. That’s it. That’s the only interaction with that your computer or device has: Get the data to make the website looks like it works and work like it works so you can see the stuff, and once you’re done, it’s as if you were never here.

(If only meetings worked that way, huh? Oh, and remember: This doesn’t apply to hackers. If you try to hack the site, my security apparatus is going to learn everything it can about your connection to block it. You’ve been warned.)

I believe in security and privacy so much, that I pay for an SSL certificate for my website, despite the fact that I do no eCommerce and collect no information about you. Why? Because I believe in your right to choose how your information is handled, and I have to practice what I preach to the best of my ability. You should see in your browser bar that this website is secure, which may use the word “secure” or a little padlock icon. I had to specifically build my website to accomplish this, but dear visitor, you are worth it.

The site has been registered with Qualys SSL Labs to provide a comprehensive security report.

Users cannot create accounts on this website, log in to this website using third parties, or post or comment in any area, in any way.

I cannot see and do not not want to see who visits this website, or if or when anyone is currently seeing or visiting it, or where visitors are located in any way. Don’t take it personally; that’s just not the purpose of this site. It’s here for those who may need to reference it, and that’s it.

Any inquiries about this website may be submitted using the contact form on the home page.

Third Party Links and Libraries

As a reasonable heads-up, links to websites outside of may lead to websites that have different privacy policies. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that, and can read those policies for yourself. references five external libraries, none of which interact with your data:

  • CDNJS, a JavaScript library (specifically jQuery) stored on Cloudflare, which helps the website animate special effects
  • Font Awesome, a common typography library that lets me use icons like LinkedIn and Twitter in my menus and pages
  • Google Captcha, which helps keep the site secure from hackers, and therefore keeps you safer
  • Google Fonts, which creates the typography
  • GStatic Fonts, which makes the typography faster
  • Google Maps, though I don’t actually use Google Maps in my web design, so no data is transmitting with that library

Technical Specifications came online on October 15, 2001. It migrated to a new updated server on July 14, 2020.

My host and domain registrar are both Pair and located in in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States.

My server is an Apache machine running Ubuntu 18.04 AMD64 located at, physically located near Winter Park on the south bank on the Monongahela in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. 🇺🇸

My ping tests show that my website runs with significant packet loss in Chennai, India, but generally well in other global locations, so as a rule, the website itself shouldn’t be the problem if you have a lossy or bad connection.

My information is protected under the auspices of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and as such my personal physical address and such will not appear in domain searches, because I value your privacy… and mine.

My certificate is a Sectigo Positive 2048-bit SSL 256-bit encryption domain-validated single domain certificate.