Meet KDR

Keith David Reeves is an educator, writer, speaker, and musician. He is the author of Insurrection: A Teacher Revolution in Defense of Children, a work on educational philosophy and pedagogy, proposing a revolutionizing of the American public school to put children and their learning first. He is also co-author of Paperless Research Writing: Effective Digital Scaffolding for Academic Writing using the Moulen-Reeves ModelReeves currently serves as the Chairperson of the Virginia Society for Technology in Education; is the co-host of the radical pedagogy video podcast, The Seditionists; and is a Certified Educational Technology Leader.

Mr. Reeves is a Founding Member of The Council on the Future of Education.

He currently serves as Senior Instructional Technology Coordinator at Discovery Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia, the largest Zero Energy elementary school ever constructed in the United States, where he oversees a robust 1:1 iPad program, a fully-implemented Standards-Based system of instruction and assessment, and a first-of-its-kind integrated Energy Dashboard, providing real-time and authentic energy, waste, and transportation data to students for use in learning.

A native of Syracuse, New York, he has taught every grade level, K through 12, in underprivileged and affluent schools in both rural and urban settings, as well as educational methods at the university level. He was a middle school and high school band director, and is now an unapologetic advocate for children and their individual needs. He vocally supports a revolution to put authentic student learning first in the public schools through applied, skills-based teaching with technology-integrated, student-centered curricula for individual comprehension and relevance. He is an ardent and active opponent of what he terms in his work the “standardized testing commercial complex.”

As an educational technologist, he is the coauthor of the Moulen-Reeves Paperless Research Paper Model and has been a consistent leader in gaming, gamification, simulation, and virtual environments for teaching, learning, and living. Mr. Reeves was the first Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer in Virginia. He was also one of the co-inventors of a comprehensive all-device-and-platform educational technology evaluation rubric that formed the basis of

Mr. Reeves is based just outside of Washington, D.C., from where he travels across the country as a frequent keynote speaker, conference presenter, professional developer, and expert panelist, including for National Public Radio and The Huffington Post. He holds diplomas in education from Ithaca College, George Mason University, and The University of Mary Washington, and has taught educational methods at The George Washington University.

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