He puts students and teachers first on a regular basis. With this belief, Dr. Reeves developed online learning protocols during the COVID-19 Pandemic, redesigned Standards-Based Assessment, managed home room placements, and worked hand in hand with teachers at our school in implementing research based pedagogy across all grade levels. He embraces opportunities for professional development and is eager to share his knowledge with others through coaching and co-teaching. Throughout his career he has been part of equity, at-risk, IEP, and social emotional learning teams. Dr. Reeves teaches to the whole child and uses these methods to design protocols and strategies for others to do the same. Keith inspires those around him to be the best versions of themselves and lead by example. Currently, our U.S education system is learning more about holistic pedagogy, inclusion, social emotional needs, and diverse teaching strategies. Dr. Reeves is several steps ahead of this, which makes him an ideal school leader. ( excerpt)