Mr. Reeves is a talented educator whose multifaceted skill set and leadership style have tremendous impact on culture, climate and student achievement. Mr. Reeves has been instrumental in moving Discovery Elementary forward on numerous fronts; standards-based learning and instruction, our use of technology in the building, our efficacy as coaches and most importantly understanding data and creating a data pipeline that helps all teachers and students. Mr. Reeves is first and foremost a student advocate. Mr. Reeves is a distinguished author, blogger, webmaster, and grant writer. He uses his skills to support student advocacy and improve programs and learning that benefit all students. He improved, trained, and implemented our progress based report card system. He is a team player [and] understands that relationships are key to student success. He knows how to build relationships with both teachers and students. He truly enjoys being around students and participating in the culture of a school. Examples of his relationship building are his daily greeting of both parents and students at the arrival door and his dressing up in costumes to support spirit days. Mr. Reeves would be an asset to any school. ( excerpt)