Keith possesses an innovative mindset that challenges the status quo and asks colleagues to think outside the box. This mindset, coupled with focused action, has resulted in positive outcomes for teaching and learning. Keith is a visionary leader. He led Discovery’s implementation of SBA by sharing the philosophy behind SBA and providing professional learning around it to the entire school community. His leadership facilitated positive shifts in teachers, students, and families’ conceptualization of grading practices, rooted in skill mastery of standards. In addition, Keith has demonstrated his visionary leadership by collaborating with colleagues to create the Profile of a Discovery Graduate with grade level mastery projects. This work included innovative concepts of sustainability, social responsibility, design thinking, computer science, and personalized learning. He teamed up with instructional coaches to establish data protocols for monitoring student progress in reading, writing, and math. Keith also worked with colleagues across APS and a myriad of outside stakeholders to launch several sustainability initiatives and secure numerous awards for Discovery, including the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School award. Keith is an action-oriented school leader who has demonstrated skillful leadership. ( excerpt)