When Keith joined our staff, his positivity and team-over-self mentality completely took our school to another level. He became the backbone in creating Discovery’s identity, and committed himself wholeheartedly to the good of our school and its culture, which is now well established. Keith is the most available human I’ve ever worked with. … I’ve never once wondered how or when to reach out to Keith, because he’s made it explicitly clear to us that we are his family, his priority, and he will stick with us through any issue, technology related or not. … Over the years, Keith has cultivated relationships with our students and their families in a way I’ve never seen from a coach. He knows students by name, he communicates with families regularly, and is a physical presence in our building. You’ll find him greeting bus riders at the door in the morning, running fire drills, leading grade level homeroom grouping meetings, and teaching lessons in classrooms. … I feel so lucky to have a coworker who I trust completely, learn from regularly, and genuinely enjoy as a teammate. He is the reason that our staff feels so much like family. He is the quintessential leader: leading by example and fostering a team mindset that allows us all to contribute and feel valued. ( excerpt)