What made Mr. Reeves stand out as an exceptional leader was his ability to collaborate with teachers across all academic disciplines. All teachers in the building knew that if they wanted to implement a creative methodology with technology integration, Mr. Reeves could bring it to fruition. What most impressed his peers was that his lessons were always forward-thinking and often involved emerging and creative technologies. He possesses an intuitive ability to know how to suggest technological solutions even when teachers aren’t specifically seeking his assistance. I experienced this firsthand in 2009 when I was frustrated that my Pre-AP Spanish 4 classes failed to master a concept. Through a casual conversation with Mr. Reeves about this problem, he suggested a way to utilize student video projects to help reinforce the standard, increase language usage, incorporate technology, and ultimately improve student mastery. I was truly petrified to step outside of my technological comfort zone, but Mr. Reeves’ patience, focus, and confidence helped me to see that it was a chance I needed to take. In the end, the project proved to be one of my biggest professional successes that improved student mastery by twenty-four percentage points, and was the impetus for me completely changing the way I utilize technology in my classroom. ( excerpt)