Never have I worked alongside a more passionate, more visionary educator. His appetite for knowledge is astounding, but … what sets Keith apart is his constant desire to find a better way. He never tires of seeking the most efficient way to capitalize on instructional time, and to do so in a way that integrates technology and the very latest in pedagogical research. Keith made sure we never felt that way with a new approach he’d proposed to us. He knew how to break down the instructions, ensure we knew the objective of every step we took, and make it abundantly clear to each of us why this new approach was a more efficient, more engaging way to present the material to our learners and make it stick. Keith makes me want to be a better educator. He raises the bar for our profession. He leads by example and he never shies away from the hard work. He rolls up his sleeves and he dives in, and he inspires others to follow his lead. ( excerpt)