Educating for a sustainable future is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. In this episode, our host, Bridgitte Alomes, CEO of Natural Pod is in discussion with Jennifer Seydel, Executive Director for Green Schools National Network, and Keith Reeves, EdD CSML CETL, Senior Instructional Technology Coordinator at Discovery Elementary School within Arlington Public School District, on becoming a trailblazer for whole-school transformation.

This episode was full of so much rich content and topics: from the necessity of the green schools’ movement, to diving into the newly released book, Trailblazers for Whole School Sustainability: Case Studies of Educators in Action, to the equity needs of educators and environments, and the leaders who are committed to sustainability for all. Watch to learn about what is possible when educators resolve to blaze a trail to re-imagine K-12 education for a just and sustainable future.