Yorktown Update: October 5, 2011

Student Network Resources

All student computers should have four new icons on the desktop, which will allow students to connect to their network drives (accessible only from school) and their BlackBoard cloud storage (accessible inside and outside of school.) The credentials are the standard APS-issued Single Sign-On user names and passwords.

Wireless Access at Yorktown

All users (students and staff alike) should log on to the wireless network individually, using their standard Single Sign-On credentials. It is both secure and models authentic behaviors out in the world.

For example, a student using a school-owned laptop should, before doing anything else, connect to the APS network using his or her user name (student ID) and password (six digit date of birth).

This information is being posted throughout the school for the convenience of our users.

To Recall (Unsend) an Email

Oops! We’ve all been there. For any number of reasons, you may need to unsend an email. Fret not, because there is a way to do this in Outlook 2010!

From inside the Outlook 2010 client:

  • On the left hand side, click the Sent Items folder
  • Locate the email you want to unsend and double click it to open
  • On the ribbon, in the Move group, find and click Actions
  • Click Recall this message…
  • Select your desired options and click OK

Click here to download the instructions in PDF format!

To Create an Away Message

From inside the Outlook 2010 client:

  • Click the orange File tab in the upper left hand corner
  • On the right hand side, click Automatic Replies
  • Set your desired options as detailed on the screen

Click here to download the instructions in PDF format!

Grade Harvesting for Interim Progress Reports

Interim Progress Reports (IPR) went well at secondary schools using  EGP Web Edition. Grades were pulled centrally from the gradebooks and imported into eSchoolPlus. All teachers had to do was verify that grades and comments were correct once imported into eSchoolPlus.