Slice of Life #7: Stella!


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I adore teaching, I adore my kids, and I miss my colleagues when I don’t see them every day. Seriously. But man, could I use a snow day. I’ve done a pretty darned good job this year, I think, of getting things done, despite having many more things I’d like to do, but I’ve been working hard on “work-life balance.” That said, my apartment has really gotten away from me.

Dusting and poring over some papers to decide what to file, what to scan and shred, and what to recycle outright is a tedious process that I’ve just been conspicuously ignoring. However, as I come up on the year anniversary of moving into my new apartment, I could stand to give it a proper “back to its best condition” deep cleaning day, and I feel as though a snow day would give me permission to do that.

If I don’t sleep it away, of course. That’s always a challenge.

I adore the snow, which is an added benefit. Some people think I’m being disingenuous when I say that, as a native of Syracuse – the snowiest city in the contiguous U.S., where double digits below zero is not unheard of in any given year – that I miss feet of snow at a time, but it’s true. I adore the deep quiet, the heavy feeling of silence offset by the bright lightness of thin, crisp air. I like it every bit as much as autumn.

I could do without summer. Sun and I are not friends. I’m not Walachian by birth, but I might as well be…

I’m looking forward to a snow day, and it appears we’re virtually guaranteed to have at least one. I hope everyone is safe, I apologize for the inconvenience it causes anyone, but for me, I would have a summery disposition thanks to some spring cleaning, thanks to some winter weather falling.