Slice of Life #5: A Day Without Women


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If you don’t know, Wednesday, March 8, is “A Day Without a Woman,” a group protest highlighting the misogyny of those in power, through the absenteeism of women, who are urged not to work, paid or unpaid, not to spend money, in person or online, and to wear red clothing. Walkouts, rallies, and protests are planned around America.

The Alexandria City Public Schools, one district over from mine, are closed on Wednesday, because so many teachers have called off of work, the division cannot operate.

Patriarchs on Twitter has, as one would expect of them, lost their collective minds.

To my fellow cisgender men everywhere, who have enjoyed so much privilege for so very long, a throat-clearing moment, if I may, as I articulate to you, as your human brother, a sentiment you need to hear with some regularity:

Sit down and shut up.

For any person to claim that women protesting as a bloc is absurd, is to betray such staggering ignorance of history, such privilege, such illiteracy, such astonishing failure to recognize current circumstances, such misogyny and thoughtlessness, such abject imbecility as to defy logic, that I honestly wouldn’t know where to begin.
Women have been systematically and consistently, wholly independent of geography or culture, denied suffrage, property ownership rights, individual identity, group identity, and personal agency of body, mind, expression, attire, possession, and circumstance that one can barely begun to understand without weeping openly and/or raging with fire and fury.
Anyone – especially men, who are by definition privileged; and especially men of means, who are extraordinarily privileged – who would deny a woman any of the above, is a patriarch, and an enemy of free-thinking people everywhere, individually and writ-large.
Moreover, any such denier of identity and agency – in short, essential liberty – to any woman, anywhere, at any point, is MY enemy.
All thinking people everywhere have an ethical imperative and a moral obligation to be feminists. I have no patience for those who fail to recognize historic disparity, or the active need to fight it.
Our species is 200,000 years old, give or take. And males have ruled that species with impunity for 199,950 years or so.
Our time is up. Concede, relent, and share. Equality in unequal circumstances requires sacrifice of power by the privileged class. I willingly, actively, consciously give mine up. You may have it; I had more than I deserved, from birth, for no virtue of my own. The only appropriate course of action is to correct it actively.
I am called to feminism because I have a brain, and I use it.
Sean Spicer Period.