Slice of Life #12: Lizard Girl


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I used to be a female lizard street fighter. I was awesome.

My name was Sesketh and I was an Iksar Bruiser. Here’s a picture of Sesky:


Sesketh was a martial artist and she lived in the City of Freeport, on the continent of D’Lere, named after its authoritarian dictator Lucan D’Lere, on the planet Norrath. She lived originally in a slum district called “The Scale Yard,” though she later had other quarters in the city and around the world as she grew stronger and more notable. Freeport was not where she was born, however. You see, Norrath suffered two major cataclysms that wiped out much of the world’s populations, of all races and on all continents. Starting around the Norrathian year 3571 and extending until about 3661 – roughly ninety years – a major and rapid geotectonic disturbance saw a massive, relatively rapid rearrangement of the tectonic plates of the crust of the planet, moving oceans, mountains, and land masses so rapidly, some eyewitnesses described “massive chasms and canyons opening” in very short periods – sometimes minutes – and catastrophic destruction of major cities and population centers. The earthquakes were so violent that one “could barely stand up.” Millions perished and many landforms were lost or utterly destroyed. This global-scale decimation was called “The Rending.”

Only fifty years later or so, a second, almost inconceivable disaster befell the planet: one of the two moons of Norrath – Luclin – broke apart. Huge portions of the moon moved into Norrath’s gravitational field, and plummeted intact to the surface. The pieces that landed caused many continents to be absolutely destroyed and still others to be washed over by the ensuing tsunamis. This event was called “The Shattering.” One can still see the broken moon in the sky on Norrath, from the surviving portions of land that are habitable. Today, the parts of Norrath you can still live on are collectively known as “The Shattered Lands.”


Sesketh hatched in 3708, about three years before the Shattering. Iksar grow up very quickly, and she was full-sized and at sea when the Shattering occurred. She survived the wreck of her ship, and landed on the shores of the City of Freeport in 3728 after surviving about seventeen years in the wild.

To you, that was April of 2005.

Sesketh, whose relatively-complete biography is available here, was a character in the Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) called EverQuest 2, and it is my all-time favorite game. I played EverQuest 2, affectionately called “EQ2” by players, from Spring of 2005 until the Winter of 2012. I worked my way up from “noob” to become the Chief Administrator of my guild, “The Fallen Legion,” and I met so many wonderful people and had some of the most glorious adventures.

I created a female “bad guy” lizard as my character in an effort to explore the edges of my character, to investigate alternative ontology. By inhabiting other beings, we explore other ways of being, and I was fascinated by the experiences and lessons I gained from being Sesketh.

I have a very special place in my heart for her – as is evidenced by the amount of writing I left behind on the internet in her voice! – and while I can still log in to EQ2, I just don’t have much time for it anymore. But during dark and tumultuous times in my life, it was powerful to assume the persona of a well-liked, darker-hearted fighter from an empire fallen from glory on a planet laid to waste, and be able to overcome anything that Norrath threw at me.

People who don’t game are sometimes confused by why some people spend so much time in a fantasy world. To me, those people need more fantasy in their lives, if they judge doing so harshly, because it was a healthy, exciting, inexpensive way for me to feel free and to imagine, to explore and to adventure, to thrive and to relax. Fantasy is good for the soul, and Sesketh was good for Norrath.

Here’s one for you, Seskerdoodle. You were one bad-tailed chiksar.