KDR on National Public Radio

KDR was humbled and thrilled to be a guest on the January 19, 2010 edition of The Kojo Nnamdi Show, broadcast from NPR affiliate WAMU at American University in Washington, D.C. He has been a fan of the show for many years, and was privileged to engage in a conversation about instruction and technology in our public schools with Professor Natalie Milman of George Washington University, and Brian Sivak of the DC Public Schools.

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KDR on the Huffington Post

Having weighed in over the past several years on teacher intellectual property rights, KDR was asked to join a live panel to discuss a proposal by the Prince George’s County (MD) Schools to copyright all student and educator work… regardless of when or with which resources that work is completed. He joined Professor Peter Jaszi of the American University Washington College of Law, Kevin Welner, Director of the National Education Policy Center, and Verjeana Jacobs, President of the PGCPS Board of Education.

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KDR as a panelist on Huff Post Live

KDR on Net Neutrality

As its chairperson of the board of directors, KDR gave the opening address to the Virginia Society for Technology in Education’s annual conference in 2017 to reinforce the importance of equal access to information for all children everywhere.

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KDR and Rob:  The Seditionists

KDR and colleague Rob Furman are the hosts of The Seditionists, an education podcast.

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KDR Keynote: “Students First, Learning Forever”

Speaking in Middletown, Virginia at Learnerpalooza ’19, KDR outlined the importance of putting children’s needs first in all things. He spoke on June 10, 2019.

KDR Keynote: “Play Small Ball”

In his final address to the Virginia Society for Technology in Education as its Chairperson of the Board of Directors, KDR spoke in Virginia Beach, Virginia on December 3, 2018.

KDR and Rob on 21clRadio

The Seditionists appeared on 21clRadio, hosted by Michael Boll, in a broadcast from Denver, Colorado at the 2016  International Society for Technology in Education Conference.

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KDR: “Educational Revolutionary Explains Tenure”

Following the viral video response to Whoopi Goldberg, KDR was invited to speak in his home city of Washington, D.C. on the Education Town Hall with Thomas Byrd, broadcast by We Act Radio from historic Anacostia, as an education revolutionary on the subject of tenure, teacher evaluation, and the future of our public schools.

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KDR: “Teachers’ Revolution, Children’s Individuality”

Joining Thomas and Virginia on We Act Radio once again, KDR discussed the need for a fundamental shift in our national educational philosophy to conceive and empower the individual child, including the dismantlement of the standardized testing corporate reform movement.

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KDR at the We Act Radio studios with Virginia Spatz and Thomas Byrd

KDR Keynote: “Music Teachers are Heroes”

KDR was privileged to deliver the keynote address to the 2015 Connecticut Music Educators Association State In-Service Conference on May 1, 2015, at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

KDR: “Youthful Future:” In Defense of Optimistic Millennials

KDR addressed the Arlington chapter of Optimists International on October 3, 2018.

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KDR: Solidarity and Service

KDR provided the Keynote for the 68th annual Optimists Holiday Breakfast on December 12, 2018.

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KDR with National Association for Music Education

One of the first lessons KDR taught in both his Music in Our Lives and Music Theory classes was to tackle the basic question, “What is music?” Leading up to the national student composition competition and challenging more traditional ideas of what is and isn’t acceptable in student music settings, this blog post challenges music teachers to expand their horizons, and therefore, those of their students.

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KDR on VSTE Live!

As Director At-Large of the Virginia Society for Technology in Education, KDR led a discussion with VSTE Executive Director Karen Richardson and Vice Chairperson Becky Fisher on the criticality of keeping students and their learning squarely at the center of everything we do, a subject near and dear to his heart.

KDR leading a discussion on the primacy of student learning

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KDR on VSTE Live!

KDR presents the Google Docs platform within the Google Apps for Education environment to research, draft, refine, and author research papers. Tailored to the high school level primarily, the model instructed (the Moulen-Reeves Model) can be utilized with some modification at the middle school level as well. Having used the model successfully in both special education, general, and gifted environments, the model provides scaffolding and organization for students free of paper and utilizing the advantages of the cloud and digital collaboration.

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KDR and colleagues at The West Wing of The White House

KDR Saves Six Digits’ Worth of Taxpayer Money

“BHS Realizes Impressive Savings with Paper Reduction Initiative”

As chairperson of the Battlefield High School Technology Committee, one of KDR’s top priorities between 2007 and 2010 paid off with six-digit savings for the school.

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KDR Newspaper Article: History Podcasts

History teacher helps tie the past to technology with first podcasts at BHS; Teachers amazed: 90% pass history tests after learning through podcasting

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KDR Newspaper Article: Instructional Technology

Reeves’ love of technology helps him to keep teaching at Battlefield High School; At BHS, students and teachers are learning how to better use technology

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KDR at Kappa Delta Pi

Asked to speak at the June 2011 new member initiation of the Battlefield Professional Chapter, which he founded, KDR addressed Kappa Delta Pi members challenging them to use their membership as a force for positive change in their school community.

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Testing is Coming: KDR Opposes Corporate Influence in Schools

KDR Newspaper Article: Google Apps for Education Certification

Battlefield teacher feathers cap with Google Apps for Education certification

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KDR in PWCS Communicator

Article: “Paper Reduction Initiative”

Article: “About Our People: Keith David Reeves”

KDR on YouTube

Visit to view some of KDR’s video blog entries and commentaries.

KDR on Teacher Evaluation Reform

KDR on TeacherTube: Designing Rubrics

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