Reeves and Their Relations

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Origins of the Reeves Family
Information about Reeves "Coat of Arms"
About Keith David Reeves, the genealogist & author of this site
Key Ancestors
David Bruce Reeves of Syracuse, NY (Paternal Line)
Luana Gene Buckler Reeves of Syracuse, NY (Maternal Line)
Stephen Reeves of Palmyra, NY (Progenitor of New York Reeves)
Isaac J. Fisher Sr of Williamson, NY
Jacob C. Buckler Sr of East Williamson, NY
Friedrich Schillinger Sr of West Henrietta, NY
John E. Molye of Lima, NY
Robert Ryves of Blandford Forum (Ancient Progenitor of Modern English Reeves Lineage)
Ambrose James LaQuier of Gouverneur, NY
Revolutionary Compatriot Ancestors
PVT James E. Reeves, Esq. Sailor, 1st NY Minutemen Rgmt, NY Militia and Sailor, Privateer "Digby"
SGT Barnet Crise. Thatcher’s Co Militia, 3rd Regiment, NJ Militia
PVT Edward Evarts. Continental Line
PVT Jehiel Franklin. Capt Beebee's Company, Col. Webb’s Regiment of Foot, Connecticut Militia
CAPT Petrus W. "Peter" Hilten. Veeder's Co. of Carpenters, Continental Troops
1LT Ryckert "Richard" Hilton. 13th Albany County Rgmt, NY Militia
PVT Cyrus Kinne, Sr., Esq. 6th Albany County Rgmt, NY Militia
Barend "Bernard" Romans. Continental cartographer and engineer (Learn More)
PVT Pieter Milo Romans, Sr. 3rd and 14th Rgmts, NY Militia and Sailor, MA sloop "Windthrop"
SGT Samuel Stowell II. Corps of Connecticut (Washington's Division)
SGT Cornelius Tobias Van Deusen. Roseboom's Co. of Militia, 1st Battalion, NY Militia
1LT Rudolph Van Hovenberg. 4th NY Rgmt, NY Militia
SGT Samuel Culver. 7th Rgmt, Col. Webb’s Regiment of Foot, Connecticut Militia.
SGT Ebenezer Joshua Culver. Capt. Stone's Company, Col. Brewer's Regt., Connecticut Militia.
ENS Severyne Westbrook. Cortright's Company, 3rd Battalion, NJ Cavalry

Member, National Society, Sons of the American Revolution. (George Mason Chapter)
Member, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. (Lincoln-Cushing Camp 2)
Member, Edmund Rice 1638 Association.

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It is important that several key individuals are recognized for contributing their efforts to this compilation. Without them, much of this genealogy would not exist.

Michelle A., a Vokes genealogist.
Laura Bastedo, a Bastedo genealogist.
Alicia Batko, a Minisink, NJ genealogist and historian.
Jane Beal, a Clemmens genealogist.
Ann Jobe Brown, a Jobe genealogist.
Rebecca Bryson, a Bryson genealogist.
H. Genevieve Buckler, my maternal grandmother.
Kathleen Burns, a Goble genealogist.
Jeanie C. Bryson Clemmens and Sarah Jean Clemmens.   
Joyce Cubley, a Fisher genealogist.
Dennis DeGroot, a Wemesfelder genealogist.
John Roberts de Maillie, a deMaillie genealogist.
Jean Driver, a Heggie genealogist.
Gordon S. Emerick, a Reeves genealogist.
Ann Clemmens Ferland and Albert S. Magdanz.
Lew Griffin, a Barber and Orr genealogist.
Linda Hammelman, a Peery genealogist.
Paul Kamalsky, a FindAGrave.com contributor.
Roger L'Écuyer, a L'Écuyer genealogist.
Barbara Reeves Meeks, a Wayne County historian and genealogist.
Barbara Reeves Morin, a Reeves genealogist.
Susan Molye, a de Maillie genealogist.
Sheryl Monroe, a Schneider genealogist.
Cheryl A. Morris, a Parks genealogist.
Kay Morris, a Reeves genealogist.
Lynette Morrison, a Newark, NY historian.
Barry Reeves of ReevesRegistry.com.
Carol Anne Fisher Reeves, my paternal grandmother.
David and Luana Reeves, my parents.
Martha Rima Reeves, my paternal great-grandmother.
Paul Reeves of ReevesGenealogy.com.
Chris Reynolds of Hertfordshire-Genealogy.co.uk.
James Childs Rives, author of Reliques of the Rives.
Geary M. Serpas, a Rogers genealogist.
Ruby Upp, a Rogers genealogist.
The unknown author of The Rima-Balch Family Record.
Ton van Heusden of ancestors.nl.
VanHoevenberg.com and its genealogists.
Jayne Willmann, a Reeves genealogist.
Jeffrey M. Wyeth, a Wyeth genealogist.

to Tom Tryniski of FultonHistory.com, one of the most important Central New York primary source document resources ever created,

and the invaluable resources of RootsWeb.com, FamilySearch.org, FindAGrave.com, Ancestry.com, Nos Origines, and Genealogy.com.

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